Salaciously intellectual started off as a poetry night, movement really, in Ann Arbor in the late 90’s. It was run by the dynamic duo of Pedrick (my ex-husband and muse) and Chinelo. It was amazing. Somehow it was like a beacon for all the young, edgy, sexy talent in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area. It was nestled in the back portion of the Gypsy Cafe (now Cafe Verde) and the guys worked hard to create an atmosphere befitting the name. My first night, my best friend, ex boyfriend and I went and Pedrick swept me off my feet. He oozed sensuality and coolness and I was helpless to do anything but go on his ride.

We had chemistry like nobody’s business. He was, and still sometimes is, my muse. During our brief and torrid love affair, I wrote more and better poetry than ever before. His artistic integrity and freedom were infectious. I’m sure that we weren’t the only ones who went home and made a beast with two backs. Unfortunately, like all things that burn too hot, we consumed ourselves too quickly and our relationship ended with all the drama one would expect from two artists.

Years passed and anger turned to resentment; resentment turned to acceptance. I can no more change who my ex is, than I can change what he stirred in me. In the intervening years I have learned that I am a poet and writer who is intensely passionate.  I need to give into my muse whenever she (most likely he) decides we need to take that trip. I should trust my gut in all artistic endeavors, when I don’t it just leads to frustration. In the end I am salaciously intellectual and I love it!