Salacious: Pronunciation: \s?-?l?-sh?s\ Function: adjective Etymology: Latin salac-, salax, from salire to move spasmodically, leap — more at sally Date: circa 1645 1 : arousing or appealing to sexual desire or imagination : lascivious 2 : lecherous, lustful — sa·la·cious·ly adverb — sa·la·cious·ness noun Synonyms: bawdy, carnal, erotic, fast, horny, hot, indecent, lecherous, lewd, libertine, libidinous, licentious, lubricious, lustful, nasty, obscene, orgiastic, prurient, raunchy, sensual, smutty, steamy, suggestive, voluptuous, wanton Word Origin & History 1661, from L. salax  (gen. salacis ) “lustful,” probably originally “fond of leaping,” as in a male animal leaping on a female in sexual advances, from […]