8/15 Writers Prompt #2

No one ever said writing was fast. Finally getting to 2nd sentence from 8/15 writers prompt.


I never broke another heart until I realized what I was
Catalyst for desire and change
destined to be consumed by the reaction
Mine is not the love you settle with
It is the love that unsettles

Moving between loves
Shaping and being shaped
but never matching anyone’s final form

It is my lot to break and be broken
just out reach of happiness

Having problems coming up with the end line(s).

Written by Ms. Salacious (admin) in Creative Writing, Poetry, Works in Progress

Amanda is an interesting soul. Aside from being a poet and dabbling essayist, she also does research projects for fun. The muses are currently directing her to catalogue Afro-Cuban herbs used in the Lucumi religion, research the occurrences of non-traditional religion in modern society, develop a not-for-profit society for the religions of the African diaspora, write more fiction and poetry, develop an educational outreach company to bring museum field trips into schools/libraries, and collect her favorite recipes and food stories into a book, all while being the best mom she can be and going back to school.

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