I just want it

Is it wrong that I just want it



Right now

Does that make me a brat?

It’s your fault.

If you stayed away

or stayed the same

I’d be just fine.

But nope

you had to evolve.

You found me.

Now I want it.

I just want it.

All of it.

All the bullshit

all of the great stuff

all of the stuff in between.




right now

Written by Ms. Salacious (admin) in Poetry

Amanda is an interesting soul. Aside from being a poet and dabbling essayist, she also does research projects for fun. The muses are currently directing her to catalogue Afro-Cuban herbs used in the Lucumi religion, research the occurrences of non-traditional religion in modern society, develop a not-for-profit society for the religions of the African diaspora, write more fiction and poetry, develop an educational outreach company to bring museum field trips into schools/libraries, and collect her favorite recipes and food stories into a book, all while being the best mom she can be and going back to school.

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