Things I miss on HCG Phase 2

There are plenty of foods that I miss (cheese, I would kill for some cheese) but the thing I miss most is eating with The Boy. Anthropologically speaking, sharing food is an intense bonding experience. Even though we aren’t stalking our prey through the city streets, it’s still a simple and special thing to sit down and eat as a family. With the meals and portions of the HCG Phase 2 protocol it’s still hard for me to be around normal people food and I don’t really want my 11 year old to even feel like he’s on the diet. It’s not that the food itself is inappropriate, it’s more that I haven’t found a way to make a family meal from it. We eat together on the days when our schedules align but it’s rarely the same thing, so it doesn’t feel like a family dinner. I really can’t wait to get back some foods so cooking isn’t such a chore. It’s a giant production with scales and checking labels and trying to not let the meat stick without oil turns cooking from a pleasure to a tribulation.

Despite the speed at which the weight comes off, HCG is not an easy diet for me. People who look at food as a necessary tool might find the limited options comforting and have no problems. I am not that person. I love food. I love interesting tastes, textures (mostly) and balance. It’s really hard to balance all the acidity you get on the HCG. Everything is vinegar, vinegar, vinegar and that gets old really fast (around day 21 for me). All that being said, it’s not enough to make me go off the diet totally. This is the longest that I have stuck with a diet and I am thankfully seeing results. So we shall soldier on! As of today I am 22 pounds down.

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