The space between us by Toni Nunn

An open letter to a lost lover from a broken girl

I hoped you could see through the shell to the core of me.

Maybe you did, and it wasn’t enough.

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I could (catching feelings)

This is going  to  be rough, but I have to get it out before it keeps me up. Sometimes being a writer sucks… 🙁 I could fall for you I could but that would be against the rules strict hard and fast rules written on a wax tablet/that melts in the presence of the heat of our 2 bodies I could fall for you I could allow myself to give into wondering what it would be like after the act/ to care about the parts that come after the tangled sheet I could fall for you I could Exchange our […]

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Drip one touch Drip a fleeting glance Drip a fantasy Drip Drip a glimpse of skin Drip Drip freshly shaven head Drip Drip a whiff of cologne Drip drip drip ripple of sinew beneath taut brown skin slow smile knowing spreading across lips begging to be kissed moist hot passionate kisses probing tongues exploring Drip drip drip drip drip sweet nectar flowing bodies and limbs intertwining flesh pressed against flesh hot breath caressing sensitive skin the scent of pheromones mingling in the air low voices rising over the bass line of two bodies coming together Bring on the rain

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untitled 2010 1

I want to get lost in the poetry of your skin To be mesmerized by the reflection of light in your eyes I want to taste your joy I want to drink in your essence I want to feel the quiver of your skin as blood courses through veins I want to taste the sweetness of your ecstasy. I want to catch the butterflies in my stomach when I see your face I want to feel the aching longing of the anticipation of your coming.

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