Day 2 recap- HCG Diet

Yesterday I was committed, but was afraid something was terribly wrong. I wasn’t really hungry but still very excited when meal time rolled around, but when I ate an orange suddenly I felt like my “self” was about 6 inches above my body. I wouldn’t classify it at lightheaded, but just not right. Fortunately I am well supported and Dr. Stacy knows to check on me. She recommended that I add an extra dose and not let myself get like that in the first place. Here’s what I think the problem was,

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Day 1 recap- HCG Diet

I haven’t killed anyone, or had any murderous urges for that matter. I was attempting to quit smoking (the whopping 2-4 cigarettes a day) at the same time but that just sent my brain into obsess mode, so we table cessation for a bit. I feel pretty good actually. My “$60 a bottle miracle liquid” as my LP calls it seems to be working for me and most importantly my mom. Let’s recap the day 1.

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How a heathen can love Christmas

Christmas is about the lesson that Jesus, was supposed to, teach us. Be a good person. Christmas is an excuse to fill your home and heart with internal and external symbols of joy, happiness and love. Sparkle, glitter, snowflakes and reindeer make it that much more enjoyable to give presents to the people I love. A Christmas carol in my heart makes it that much more rewarding to help a stranger in need. I don’t need presents and bows, or a building and a preacher to appreciate a near-global time of year to embrace good. That’s how a heathen can love Christmas.

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The space between us by Toni Nunn

An open letter to a lost lover from a broken girl

I hoped you could see through the shell to the core of me.

Maybe you did, and it wasn’t enough.

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2 trees at late sunset


You wanted me to trade my frog songs for the sirens the sounds of an unceasing city You wanted me to trade my languid licentiousness for gritty urbanism You wanted me to trade what I am for what you wanted me to be I did I almost did I refuse I am just as powerless to change the tides of the ocean the direction of the winds you as I am to lose myself in you The deliciousness of your touch turns sour as you stuff me into your box the heat of your gaze burns me as I am […]

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