8/15 Writers Prompt #2

No one ever said writing was fast. Finally getting to 2nd sentence from 8/15 writers prompt.   I never broke another heart until I realized what I was Catalyst for desire and change destined to be consumed by the reaction Mine is not the love you settle with It is the love that unsettles Moving between loves Shaping and being shaped but never matching anyone’s final form It is my lot to break and be broken just out reach of happiness Having problems coming up with the end line(s).

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2 trees at late sunset


You wanted me to trade my frog songs for the sirens the sounds of an unceasing city You wanted me to trade my languid licentiousness for gritty urbanism You wanted me to trade what I am for what you wanted me to be I did I almost did I refuse I am just as powerless to change the tides of the ocean the direction of the winds you as I am to lose myself in you The deliciousness of your touch turns sour as you stuff me into your box the heat of your gaze burns me as I am […]

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The Day You Should Have Died

If you had died that day

there could have been redemption in that end

I could tell your son that you perished

And that you loved him

And that you were a good person.

I would have talked about your good side and your smile

Your talents and charms

I would have moved you into a noble role

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