Ms. Salacious has found a new muse. This one seems to be a slow, contemplative burn that will be around for a while. Easing back into the creative process.

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8/15 Writers Prompt #2

No one ever said writing was fast. Finally getting to 2nd sentence from 8/15 writers prompt.   I never broke another heart until I realized what I was Catalyst for desire and change destined to be consumed by the reaction Mine is not the love you settle with It is the love that unsettles Moving between loves Shaping and being shaped but never matching anyone’s final form It is my lot to break and be broken just out reach of happiness Having problems coming up with the end line(s).

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Oya dancer in Cuba. Oya is known to be represented by 9 colors and she is my head Orisha. Oshumare is actually the rainbow (lowercase r)

Vulnerable in public

He is passionate about working with kids, he’s a family guy, he’s got intelligence and thoughtfulness. His relationships with his close friends have lasted for years. He might not have everything I want, but he is all that I want. Here’s where the saga gets sad and frustrating for our heroine

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How a heathen can love Christmas

Christmas is about the lesson that Jesus, was supposed to, teach us. Be a good person. Christmas is an excuse to fill your home and heart with internal and external symbols of joy, happiness and love. Sparkle, glitter, snowflakes and reindeer make it that much more enjoyable to give presents to the people I love. A Christmas carol in my heart makes it that much more rewarding to help a stranger in need. I don’t need presents and bows, or a building and a preacher to appreciate a near-global time of year to embrace good. That’s how a heathen can love Christmas.

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The space between us by Toni Nunn

An open letter to a lost lover from a broken girl

I hoped you could see through the shell to the core of me.

Maybe you did, and it wasn’t enough.

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