Things I miss on HCG Phase 2

There are plenty of foods that I miss (cheese, I would kill for some cheese) but the thing I miss most is eating with The Boy. Anthropologically speaking, sharing food is an intense bonding experience. Even though we aren’t stalking our prey through the city streets, it’s still a simple and special thing to sit down and eat as a family.

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How a heathen can love Christmas

Christmas is about the lesson that Jesus, was supposed to, teach us. Be a good person. Christmas is an excuse to fill your home and heart with internal and external symbols of joy, happiness and love. Sparkle, glitter, snowflakes and reindeer make it that much more enjoyable to give presents to the people I love. A Christmas carol in my heart makes it that much more rewarding to help a stranger in need. I don’t need presents and bows, or a building and a preacher to appreciate a near-global time of year to embrace good. That’s how a heathen can love Christmas.

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Chilli Cheese Fries

Chili-cheese Fries: The Awesomeness of Motherhood

Some days parenthood is just a downright chore. The tiny (or not so tiny) people we have created and nurtured can pick the most inopportune times to express their wills or develop a sudden aversion to things that were previously “go-to” items. Some days, on the other hand, are awesome. My favorite “oh-yeah- this-is-why- I-do-this” days are the ones where me and The Boy are fully ensconced in our own world of inside jokes and random silliness. Most of these times happen when we have to do something other people would dread, like grocery shopping or going to the laundromat […]

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Ancient statue of Isis nursing Horus

On being a single mother

Being a single mother is not just one thing, ever. It is definitely not how I pictured having a family, but most days I would not trade it for the world. It is as challenging, rewarding and tiring as being in a two parent household. My situation is not unique, but hopefully it is uniquely entertaining. I’d like to offer beacons of hope cautionary tales words of wisdom my experiences and the occasional tip to those of us going at it alone. Sometimes what works for two parents isn’t feasible for those of us going at it alone.

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Lauren Graham and Alexis Bleidel

Lorelai Gilmore is my hero

I am slightly obsessed with a few shows on television. Like my favorite books or movies, I can come back to them over and over without getting sick of them. Most of the time I jump in midstream, after the series has been established because a slot has opened up in my lineup(I am still a huge appointment viewer). This is what happened to me with the Gilmore Girls. I think I initially avoided it because of a poor lead-in (the sappy show about the preacher, or “pretty people with problems” melodrama) or poor advertising, but then one season the […]

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