Chocolate Banana Coconut Frozen Heaven

On Friday my cousin turned 34 and wanted to go out somewhere. She decided on a jazz club, Cliff Bells, but wasn’t sure if she wanted to stay there all night. This posed an issue for yours truly. Since my diet, my feet are no longer swollen little sausages and I can wear all the lovely shoes I used to. So when faced with an evening of uncertain destinations one must be prepared for anything. So instead of my gold slingbacks I went with my red Christian Siriano wedges. Although they are ridiculously high, wedges are the most comfortable when […]

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The setback

Today I had a setback- I gained a pound. Now in the real world this isn’t a big deal, one can gain and lose 5 pounds in a day, but in HCG Protocolland it’s a huge deal. Something has gone wrong- you shouldn’t gain weight on 500 calories. This sent my day downhill pretty quickly of course, but at the end of it there was a silver lining. Not once did I want to drown my sorrows in a vat of bacon and chocolate. A major thing for me is the emotional eating. I eat when I am upset, or […]

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Venison on the grill

I will frequently implore science and industry to create a “new meat” but what I really needed was to get back to my roots…

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