Oya dancer in Cuba. Oya is known to be represented by 9 colors and she is my head Orisha. Oshumare is actually the rainbow (lowercase r)

Vulnerable in public

He is passionate about working with kids, he’s a family guy, he’s got intelligence and thoughtfulness. His relationships with his close friends have lasted for years. He might not have everything I want, but he is all that I want. Here’s where the saga gets sad and frustrating for our heroine

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The space between us by Toni Nunn

An open letter to a lost lover from a broken girl

I hoped you could see through the shell to the core of me.

Maybe you did, and it wasn’t enough.

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The Day You Should Have Died

If you had died that day

there could have been redemption in that end

I could tell your son that you perished

And that you loved him

And that you were a good person.

I would have talked about your good side and your smile

Your talents and charms

I would have moved you into a noble role

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